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This is the centre of government for the Tlicho, and includes two growing communities, Rae and Edzo. Rae is situated on Marion Lake, a traditional route to the barrenlands, and near the northern tip of Great Slave Lake’s North Arm. In addition to government, the Tlicho region owns and operates several businesses, several of which provide services to the mining industry. The Tlicho government is also involved in the development of hydro power on the Snare River, supplying Behchoko and Yellowknife. Rotational employment at the diamond mines is a significant source of family incomes.

Behchoko is approximately 110 km northwest of Yellowknife on the Yellowknife Highway. Air Tindi also serves the community. There are two schools, Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary and Chief Jimmy Bruneau Regional High School. The community has groceries, a health centre, RCMP detachment, and recreation facilities.

For more information, visit the community site or the GNWT’s Bureau of Statistics page.