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Tuktoyaktuk (Tuktuujaartuq – “looks like a caribou”) is located on Kugmallit Bay, 137 km north of Inuvik. This protected harbour was the base for Canada’s first major Arctic oil rush, in the 1970s. The recession of the 1980s saw most of this activity come to a halt. Today the community is planning for an all season road to Inuvik. A majority of the residents supplement their food supply by hunting and fishing.

Tuk is a destination for tourists, who can visit the unusual pingos, or ice cored hills, that dot the coastal landscape, and who can dip a toe in the Arctic Ocean.  Inuvialuit outfitters also offer hunting trips on the spring ice. There is a varied economy with tourism, community services and transportation as a base.  Aklak Air provides connections to Inuvik year round, and ice roads connect Tuk to Inuvik and Aklavik in winter.

Mangilaluk School offers K-12 education and there is an Aurora College Community Learning Centre. Accommodation and groceries are available. There is a health centre and an RCMP detachment.

For more information, visit the community site or the GNWT’s Bureau of Statistics page.