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Wrigley (Pehdzeh Ki - “clay place”) is currently the northernmost point on the Mackenzie Highway, and potentially the start of a future highway project that will parallel the Mackenzie River. Most residents live subsistence lifestyles, supporting themselves through hunting and fishing. Slavey is spoken fluently here. The creation of artisanal products from fur provides some local incomes. Some businesses provide services to travelers on the Mackenzie Valley ice road. In the winter, Wrigley is the starting point for travel north to the Sahtu communities of Tulita and Norman Wells.

Wrigley is 193 km north of Fort Simpson by air and served by charter service.

Chief Julian Yendo School offers K-9 education. There is accommodation, groceries are available and there is a health centre at Wrigley.

For more information, visit the GNWT’s Bureau of Statistics page.