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Francoise's Story - Yellowknife

I was born and raised in Caraquet, New Brunswick. After graduating with a BA (majoring in marketing) from the Université de Moncton I joined my boyfriend, who was practising law in Yellowknife. Before coming here I only knew about the NWT from the stories I’d heard and from watching YouTube videos taken during winter. I imagined the NWT as a cold and lonely faraway land. Was I ever wrong!
I was doing contract work, first for the Economic Development Council of the Northwest Territories and then at Radio Taïga, the francophone radio station, where I developed their marketing plan. It was easy to find jobs here. I felt encouraged to progress to my fullest potential and I was given opportunities that I wouldn’t have had at home – especially as a new graduate. People who believed in me and want me to succeed surround me. I felt as though I’m playing a part in the development of the NWT – in all my jobs here I’ve had a chance to leave my personal mark.
I also worked part-time as a bartender at the Black Knight pub. I met so many people from all over the North working there – it’s unreal. I was surprised to see that Yellowknife has such an interesting nightlife. The bars and clubs are always full and people are very open to new visitors.
There are many ways to stay in shape in Yellowknife. I went to the gym almost every day and the experienced personal trainers give great advice and offered help whenever I need it. My friends and I also enjoyed nature hikes and played ice hockey and ball hockey. There are also indoor and outdoor soccer teams to join, and you’ll always given a chance to participate, even if you’re a beginner.
I loved to eat in restaurants and in Yellowknife there are many to choose from. I’ve met lots of people and there was always someone who remembers me from somewhere every time I went out. Yellowknife is kind of a mix of a big city and a small town, and that’s what I love about it. My family is very proud of me for taking a chance and coming here. 
I just moved to Toronto but truly enjoyed my time in Yellowknife and the opportunities that I was provided.