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Practical information about living in the Northwest Territories.

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Glen's Story - Hay River

It’s a different cold from back home – there are many east-coasters who live in the North now and we all say that it’s a much different cold here, a dry cold. Shovelling my driveway takes 15 minutes now, but back home it was 2 hours and a heart attack.

I came to Hay River with my family from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 3 years ago. My wife, Denise, is a teacher at the high school and I’m the Compensation/Human Resource Officer at the Hay River Hospital. Since we moved here we bought a home and our girls are Madison, 9 and Lainey, 3 are looking forward to baby #3, who is on the way!

There are a lot of things I never saw myself doing that I now do regularly. Never in a million years did I think I would go hunting. Now I go quading and hunt with friends whenever I can.

We love to go camping and there are some great campsites near home. I play rec hockey for fun.  Madison enjoys cross-country skiing, swimming, track and field in school and Lainey goes to an incredible day care and has lots of friends. There’s never any shortage of things to do.

I love living in a small town – there’s a flexibility with employers here that you wouldn’t get down south. They recognize the value of family – a perfect example of this is allowing me to come to Yellowknife with my wife for the two weeks before the baby’s due date.

I also love that it takes me 5 minutes to get to work. If we were in the South I’d be up to an hour on the bus, with friends spread all over and not seeing each other as often as we’d like. Here we have great friends that are like family – a solid group we rely on. We are the poster kids for moving North – we didn’t expect to stay but now that we’re here, we don’t see ourselves moving.