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Practical information about living in the Northwest Territories.

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Linda's Story - Yellowknife

I came north from Sept-Îles, Quebec to Iqaluit in 1992 when Nunavut was still part of the NWT. My three kids, who were very young back then, didn’t understand the magnitude of what we did, they just thought it was a fun place to live. But it has been a gift to discover a part of this fabulous country I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t come.

I moved from Iqaluit to Yellowknife in 1996 and have lived here ever since. My job is a way of life. I recently obtained a new position; Manager for Recruitment Support Unit for the GNWT. Human resources constitutes a major challenge up here and my job allows me to enhance the development of the community through recruitment initiatives. I’ve been in the health and wellness field, and held an amazing job at the Stanton Hospital Foundation. My career in the NWT had always been very rewarding because we have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and we benefit from a tight-knit community

 I’m very fortunate to have my children nearby. Max, 25, is a certified firefighter/paramedic and a Lieutenant. He recently left the North for new adventures, but comes back home to recharge continuously.  Marc, 20, is preparing to pursue the same firefighter/paramedic path. Marie, 18, is leaving to travel in Europe, before starting university this fall. They’ve all had great adventures and wonderful opportunities growing up in the North. But, wherever they go or do, this will always be home.

As for my husband Eric and I, we are still attached to this place and we enjoy this vibrant community and all it has to offer – from interesting work, and a magical outdoor environment, to enjoying time with great friends. I love that our group of friends have many different backgrounds and life experiences. Over the years, we’ve had times of tribulation and sadness, but have also seen a great deal of happiness, success and love, and our friends have been there through it all! Most of all, living here is about a sense of community.

We have proudly decided to stay in Yellowknife after retirement. We stay because this is our home.