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Practical information about living in the Northwest Territories.

Housing and food cost questions for living in the Northwest Territories are answered here.


Susan H's Story - Yellowknife

I’ve lived in the NWT since 1974 when my dad was transferred here with the RCMP. I was born in Winnipeg so I’ve always known the best way to pass the winter was to stay busy, keep active, and enjoy!

I am a career counsellor at École St. Patrick High School – I arrange work experience for students and work-career related opportunities (job shadowing, Take Our Kids to Work, etc.), plus I teach two career classes. I went to university in Calgary, but I came back to Yellowknife because I didn’t want to have to pay off my student loans. I encourage my students to return to the NWT if they’re going south for post-secondary schooling for the same reason.

I have a husband, two children and dog. My sister lives here, and my brother and his family also lived here for eight years. And, two of my cousins moved here because of the opportunities and they knew we could help them out. It’s a family affair!

All of my family have had opportunities we may not have been so lucky to have in the South. My children get to travel and be part of teams that they may not have been able to join if we lived in the South.  I have also advanced to paid and unpaid positions that may not have happened elsewhere.

Our family is involved in squash, soccer, piano lessons, curling, school sports and other groups, professional associations, volunteering with Skills Canada NWT, the Rotary Club and church. We are also cabin owners so we make the most of every summer by enjoying hiking, swimming, canoeing and kayaking. It’s a busy life, and we love it!